Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moon Munkie Mystery Make

Oh look, another alliteration of Ms! :D

I'm a bit late in telling you, but a little over a month ago I won the Moon Munkie Mystery Make giveaway over at Masustak eguzkitan. Maider gave away four packages of sewing and crafting items, and look what I received a few days later!

Jersey fabric! Stuff for making jewellery! Postcards designed by Catalan graphic artists! Neon yellow bias binding! Gorgeous green buttons, and more! A lovely package, isn't it? Thank you, Maider! :)

Maybe I should tell you a little more about the background of Mystery Makes. It's a project brought to life by Moon Munkie (hence the name ;) as part of the Sew Grateful week. She sent out four packages of crafty things, inviting the participating bloggers to make something from them and post about it, and to send out their own packages if they so wanted. You can find the original blog post here.

Sooo, what to make from it? Actually, I was just a little bit stumped at first. The jersey fabric is soft and lovely, and oh-so-drapey, but it's not a print that I would naturally gravitate towards. Well, until I put myself in front of a mirror and started draping it around me, at least. Is that an abstract-paint flower print?!? Yes it is! :D

My draping experiment suggested that something sleeveless that took advantage of the beautiful drape would work best, so I went for a self-drafted tube-top dress with a asymmetric hem and as much flounce as the yardage allowed. *g* I struggled with trying to make fabric straps for a while, but in the end decided to use a clear bra strap as a halterneck.
To keep the illusion of the strapless dress, I also added an inner bra-thingie. Some of my halterneck tops have them and they work pretty well for my just-about-c-cup, as long as I don't indiscriminately hop down a multitude of stairs or go jogging. ;) It's basically an inner tube (which I understitched, yay!) that that supports "the girls" by way of an elastic.
Not quite a sports bra, but it does its job... ;)

I added the asymmetrical hem for a bit of drama. :D
close-up of the fabric loop to attach the strap
So. To keep the spirit of the Mystery Makes going, and because I've been incredibly lucky and received a generous share of beautiful things in the past few months (more about that later), I'm also giving away three Moon Munkie Mystery packages! If more than three people offer to take part, I'm going to draw lots. So, do you want to recieve a little package of crafty goodness? Just say so in the comments! 

There is a catch of course, as I'm trying to stick to Moon Munkie's rules. By putting your name in, you promise to make something from your gifts in the package and blog about it after the end of four weeks (umm, it took me five, so I'm not too particular about that clause, but please post about what you made!). You may use all or some of the items in the parcel and you may add from your own stash or buy additional items.  You are also very welcome to put together your own little packages and offer them to spread the love, but you're not required to.

So, who's up for it? :D
Have a lovely week!


  1. Nice, I like the asymmetric hem. Diagonal is way better than the short/long style and the colours suit you quite well too.

  2. I'm so jealous that you won this dress. You look like a knock-out in it!

  3. The diagonal hem is fun! And I hear ya on the almost-sports bra....though I don't think I could get away with that inner tube thing. So are you going to make some stuff with the jewelry findings and buttons, too? Sounds like a fun giveaway!

  4. Cool dress! I esp. like the hem. That is a beautiful print too.

  5. Awesome dress. I love how the hem hangs. How did you do the inner part of the top? It looks kind of like a legthened facing with elastic on the edge. I'm just setting up a new blog, and I would love to have a special package of stuff to blog about using.

  6. Looking at the fabric I wasn't too excited, but that dress is wonderful! Great job using the fabric to the fullist.
    I'm in for the give-away/challenge.

  7. The dress is lovely and clever of you to think of the inner bra thingy! I like the asymmetric hem.

  8. I love your idea of adding the inner bra thing...I always have a problem with strapless stuff! The asymmetrical skirt is great too!

  9. Thanks for sharing your creation, I love it! You´ve done a great job with the fabric, I´m so impressed! I feel very happy, my stuff is in a creative home!

  10. You look very summery and cute in this dress :) So I'd say the combination of both this particular fabric with this particular design was a success!

  11. What a fun project! Your dress came out so cute, good for you for making something new and interesting from your package! For some reason I can't get this form to include my name today, so I'll just sign it.

    -Tasha @ Stale Bread into French Toast

  12. You are the queen of jersey! Perfect for a hot summer day. And what fun, it's a make-me gift. :)

  13. Your dress is just gorgeous, and I li8ke that you made something very "you" using fabric you were initially unsure would suit,the end result is beautiful!!
    (no entry, thank you)